In addition to the special events listed below, JFK: The Last Speech has been broadcast on public television stations across the U.S.


Outstanding Recognition:

Beach Cities Inspirational Film Festival, San Clemente, CA

Best Documentary:

New Jersey International Film Festival, New Brunswick, NJ

Best Feature & People’s Choice:

American Presidents Film Festival, Fremont, Ohio

Award Winner:

Park City Int’l Film Festival, Park City, Utah

Best Feature Documentary – Bronze:

Queen Palm International Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA


Aphrodite Film Awards, New York, New York

Colorado Int’l Activism Film Festival, Denver, CO

New York Cinematography Awards (NYCA), NY, NY



Indie Visions Film Festival, Charlottesville, Virginia

Mile High International Film Festival, Denver, Colorado

Social World Film Festival, Naples, Italy

Official Selection:

Beyond Earth Film Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

London Int’l Motion Picture Award, London, England

The Hague Global Cinema Festival, The Hague, Netherlands

California Independent Film Festival, Orinda, California

Mystic Film Festival, Mystic, Connecticut

Fort Myer Film Festival, Fort Meyer, Florida

Ramsgate International Film Festival, Ramsgate, England

Royal Starr Film Festival, Royal Oak, Michigan

Arlington International Film Festival, Arlington, MA

Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, Florida

Vero Beach Wine & Film Festival, Vero Beach, Florida

MidCoast Film Fest, Damariscotta, Maine

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.”

– President Kennedy at Amherst


May 2018 – John F. Kennedy Library & Museum, Boston

October 2018 – The Dairy Arts Center, Boulder, Colorado

October 2018 – “Rally the Vote” at The Flint Inst. of the Arts

January, 2019 – Fenton, Michigan

February, 2019 – Scarsdale Forum, Scarsdale, New York

April 2019 – Franklin Library, Elk Grove, California

April 2019 – The Conference on World Affairs, Boulder, CO

April 2019 – Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

May 2019 – University of the Pacific, Stockton, California

May 2019 – Ripton Historical Society, Ripton, Vermont

June 2019 – Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts

June 2019 – Vero Beach Film Festival, Vero Beach, Florida

June 2019 – Ramsgate Film Festival, Ramsgate, England

June 2019 – Park City Int’l Film Festival, Park City, Utah

June 2019 – Embassy of the United States, Dublin, Ireland

June 2019 – Embassy of the United States, London, England

June 2019 – Beaconsfield Society at the Fitzwilliam Center, Beaconsfield, England

July 2019 – Midcoast Film Fest, Damariscotta, Maine

September 2019 – Royal Starr Film Festival, Royal Oak, Michigan

September 2019 – Lolly Hastings Senior Center, Tracy, CA

September 2019 – Global Peace Film Festival, Winter Park, FL

October 2019 – Mystic Film Festival, Mystic, Connecticut

October 2019 – American Presidents Film Festival, Fremont, OH

October 2019 – Arlington International Film Festival, Arlington, Massachusetts

November 2019 – UCSD Retirement Center, San Diego, California

November 2019 – UCSD Chancellor’s Scholars Program, San Diego, California

November 2019 – Amherst College Alumni Colloquium: Amherst College History – Post WWII to the Present, Amherst, Massachusetts

January 2020 – OLLI Documentaries Course, Boulder, Colorado

August 2020 – Monday Lecture Series, Renaissance Society, California State University, Sacramento, California

August 2020 –  Denver, Colorado Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (Via ZOOM)

November 2020 – Stockton Institute of Continued Learning, San Joaquin Delta Community College, Stockton, California

November 2020 – Woodstock Film Series, Woodstock, Vermont

January 2021 – The Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts

January 2021 – University of Oregon Clark Honors College, Eugene, Oregon

March 2021 – AAUW Chapter of Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont

March 2021 – Amherst College Point/Counterpoint Series: Politics and Poetry, Amherst, Massachusetts

April 2021 – University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

May 2021 – University of California at San Diego Retirement Association, San Diego, California

July 2021 – Robert Frost Society at the San Diego Library, San Diego, California

February 2022 – Phi Beta Kappa N. California Assoc., Asilomar Conference Grounds, Monterey, California

“This project is motivated by the conviction that JFK’s words at Amherst are more important today than when he spoke to us.”

– Neil Bicknell, Executive Producer of JFK: The Last Speech and Co-Editor of the Book of the same name


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“My generation has the ability to help the next generation embody what I think Kennedy was trying to embody for us.  And if we don’t do that, I think we will have missed an opportunity. “

– Rabbi Peter Rubinstein


November 2018 – Barnes and Noble in Boulder, Colorado

November 2018 –  “Get Out The Vote” Program in Flint, Michigan

February 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Westminster, Colorado

April 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Glendale, Colorado

April 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Thornton, Colorado

May 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Aurora, Colorado

May 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Holyoke, Massachusetts

June 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Stockton, California

June 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Rochester Hills, Michigan

June 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Roseville, California

June 2019 – Toadstool Bookshop in Keene, New Hampshire

July 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Fair Lakes, Virginia

August 2019 – Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 2019 – Barnes and Noble in Richmond, Virginia

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