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Announcing Honoraria for Lesson Plans

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JFK: The Last Speech

Reunion ’64, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of honoraria for the creation of Lesson Plans for students from Middle School to College and Graduate Programs. Accepted lesson plans will be made available to teachers and professors, without charge, on the project website, www.jfkthelastspeech.org. Authorship will be recognized in the posting. Modest honoraria in the amount of $200 for untested lesson plans and $300 for lesson plans that include commentary on their use in a classroom are available. Instructions on how to apply and how to receive access to the film and book, for your evaluation, are shown below. See the film trailer on “The Film” page of the website.

A limited number of Honoraria are available and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the first to occur – depletion of honoraria funds or February 1, 2021.

Email Inquires to: jfkthelastspeech@gmail.com

JFK: The Last Speech

How to Apply for Lesson Plan Honoraria

For questions, contact:  jfkthelastspeech@gmail.com

Steps for Honoraria Awards:

  1. Evaluate the Film and Book: Request 30-day free access to the JFK film and book manuscript for evaluation by sending a request to: jfkthelastspeech@gmail.com. Include:
    • a) Your name, email and address.
    • b) Name of the school/college/university where you teach or have taught most recently, and your title.
    • c) Subjects and grade levels taught.

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent: If within 30 days you decide to create a lesson plan, send the following information to the above email:
    • a) Name, address, email, phone number.
    • b) Honorarium that you are applying for:
      • Lesson Plan Only…………………………………………………………………………………………  $ 200.00
      • Lesson Plan with Commentary on Your Use with Students…….  $ 300.00
    • c) An outline (approximately 50-words) of the Lesson Plan idea, and target grade level and academic discipline.
    • d) We will confirm your letter of intent and will give you extended access to the film and book, as needed.
  1.  Submit Completed Lesson Plan:
    • a) Conform your Lesson Plan to the format provided at www.jfkthelastspeech.org/submissions/#format. If relevant, please include notes about how the submission conforms to local curriculum standards.
    • b) Submit your lesson plan within 90 days of the date you received confirmation of your letter of intent.
    • c) For the final $100 honorarium, submit your Lesson Plan Commentary within one year of lesson plan submission.

  1. Lesson Plan Acceptance: Within 30 days of receipt of your lesson plan, you will receive:
    • a) Notice of acceptance with $200 honorarium check to follow, or
    • b) A request for modifications and resubmission.
    • c) Lesson plans will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
      • i)   Clarity and creativity.
      • ii)  Engagement with the film, book, website and supplemental material you may specify.
      • iii) Appropriateness for the target audience(s).
      • iv) Conformity to lesson plan format.
  1. Commentary Acceptance: Within 30 days of receipt of commentary on the use of your lesson plan with students, you will receive:
    • a) Notice of acceptance with $100 honorarium check to follow, or
    • b) A request for amplification and resubmission.
    • c) Commentary should include the following:
      • i)   Academic discipline of class and number of students in class.
      • ii)  Summaries of student comments.
      • iii) Measurement of learning that occurred.
      • iv) Suggestions for revisions to the lesson plan, if any.

Accepted Lesson Plans and those with Commentary will be published on the Study Guide page of our project website, www.jfkthelastspeech.org, with attribution to the author and recognition of the author’s school/college/university.  Published lesson plans will be available, with the authorship acknowledged, for use by all teachers accessing the website, without charge and with an invitation to those teachers using your lesson plan to submit their own commentary on how they used it with their students – thereby providing feedback to the author and other interested teachers.

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